UN – Rebuilding of Syrian infrastructure costs 400 billion dollars

The United Nations said the cost of reconstruction of infrastructure in Syria amounted to 400 billion dollars.

This came during a meeting held by the United Nations Economic Commission in Beirut, on Wednesday in the presence of more than 50 experts Syrian and international, according to news agency “AFP.”

According to the Commission’s final report, the figure includes only the amount of destruction in Syria, and does not include casualties, which are meant to be killed during the fighting, and those displaced and displaced from their homes.

The United Nations previously estimated Syria needed at least $ 300 billion to rebuild the country’s infrastructure.

President Bashar al-Assad said in an interview mid-April: “The return of infrastructure costs at least $ 400 billion, and this requires a time of ten to 15 years.”

The reconstruction is a concern for Russia, which fears that Western countries will not participate in the reconstruction of the Syrian-controlled areas of Syria because they can not bear the reconstruction file in Syria alone.*

The seven major states announced in April that they would not participate in the reconstruction of Syria without “credible” political transition, including the United States, Canada, Japan, Britain, France, Germany and Italy.

Official data indicate that the oil and electricity sectors are the hardest hit by the war in Syria, with losses in the oil sector estimated at more than $ 65 billion and electricity sector losses exceeding 800 billion lira.

*Personally correction: China, as well Iran having already stated, their are ready to rebuild Syria

Source: worldnews-sy.com


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