Syria – The Syrian Army will receive more updated air defense systems from Russia to secure his airspace

After the Russian Il-20 plane crash that took place a few days ago in Syria, Russia announced that it was determined to deliver the S-300 missile system to the Syrian army within two weeks.

Experts expect Russian and Syrian defense systems to increase in the region.

The Syrian army, in addition to the long-awaited S-300 air defense system, will receive an additional number of short-range defense systems, experts said. Most of these systems will be modern Russian systems of the Buk-M2A, Tor-M2 and Pantisr-S1. As well as the Pechora-2 systems, which have been radically updated in Belarusian and Russian defense establishments.

The “Pechora-2” has proved effective during the fighting in Syria, and Syrian forces now have 12 of them.

Pechora – also known as the “S-125 Neva” but is called in Syria “Pechora.”

The system is equipped with an electronic anti-electronic device. Moreover, the search and tracking radar is equipped with a 25 km camera and night vision devices, which also gives it the ability to work in an environment full of electronic jamming.

An unknown number of SAM 3 batteries owned by Syria have also been updated to the system (Pechora 2), which owns:

– High ability to cope with electronic noise.

– A laser radar tracking system with infrared radiation that keeps the radar silent during the tracking period.

– All old components were replaced with equivalent digital components.

– All coaxial wires were replaced with optical fibers.



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