Syria – ISIL and their US supporter in the Safa region before the total collapse

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In recent days, ISIL terrorists in the disputed area of the Safa volcano field have lost more and more ground to the Syrian army and its allied units of the National Defense Front and Hezbolah units, as well as disrupting the terrorists’ supply routes and water supplies as well was capped in the inaccessible desert region near the Jordanian border and only 50 kilometers away are the US Al-Tanf base, which has been proven to have trained and supported terrorists. The remaining 3,000 ISIL terrorists have asked the Syrian army to lay down the arms and leave the area.

Already in the previous military offensive in Daraa, the Syrian army has allowed some ISIL elements to leave the region. These were evidently spent east of the Euphrates River, where they joined other ISIL units that continued their campaign against the Syrian army in the Al-Bukamal area. Essential to the Local Incident of the “deployment” of the ISIL Terrorists, at the strategic three countries bordering Iraq and Jordan, which is located only three kilometers away, US troops are stationed.

The Syrian Army has not allowed the ISIL terrorists in the Safa Volcano field to lay down their arms, as more and more troops have been brought into the contested area in the last two weeks to resolve the issue militarily.

On Saturday, October 6, it became known that the Russian Army had joined forces with soldiers and armored vehicles, along to the Syrian Army in the area, west of the Euphrates River, in the contested zone to combat the ISIL elements east of the Euphrates.

Especially noteworthy, the Iranian army attacked from Iran one week ago with ballistic missiles, ISIL positions in the strategically important area around Al-Bukamal and has killed leading terrorist heads (a total of about 40 dead).

The request of the terrorists in the Safa region must be linked to the events that have taken place in Al-Bukamal because the fighting strength of the US-supported ISIL has declined significantly, and the terrorists are also in fierce fighting with Kurdish SDF units. who fight there for supremacy over the oil fields.

In the context of the terrorists in the Safa region and the request for arms laying, or the related transport to the region, east of the Euphrates River, the military base al-Tanf must be considered in there US, UK, and Norwegian troops stationed. Since the terrorists’ supply routes were officially interrupted by the Syrian army (many weeks ago), it is suspected that there are underground caves and corridors in the volcanic environment that lead to the nearby military base, as the ISIL terrorists otherwise have neither water nor provisions or ammunition. It can be assumed that the terrorists are on the verge of military defeat and, 1. want to save their lives, and 2. before any removal to Al-Bukamal the alleged underground passages and caves would be blown up, so all the evidence for the support of the US to the ISIL terrorists from the illegally base. Particularly noteworthy is the importance of the Syrian army after the defeat of the terrorists, the underground corridors to Al-Tanf basis, and thus has direct access to the illegal military base and could provide evidence to the world public that logistically supports US ISIL terrorists.


2 thoughts on “Syria – ISIL and their US supporter in the Safa region before the total collapse

  1. Very good article! Great job if this is your first article as journalist not sure if this is correct forgive me I do not mean to insult you if I am wrong. Desert Hawk, I appreciate your reporting very very much and thank you for the dangerous risks that you and others take to bring real news to real people who care. Thank you so much may God protect and bless you 🙂

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