Breaking – 4 Israeli warplanes invaded Lebanese airspace near the borders of Syria

INTERFAX – Four Israeli F-16 fighter jets invaded Lebanese airspace on Monday, flying near the borders of Syria, where Russian anti-aircraft missile systems S-300 were delivered to protect it last week, according to monitoring data from Western aviation portals.

According to their information, Israeli fighters were spotted near the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli. After approaching the borders of Syria in the sky over Lebanon, they made a U-turn and left in the opposite direction towards Israel.

Observers do not exclude that the Israeli Air Force began to test the airspace of Syria for readiness of the S-300 air defense system to reflect the possible Israeli air strikes.

As reported, last week, Russia delivered four anti-aircraft missile systems S-300 to the Syrian military transport aircraft An-124. This decision followed after on September 17, Syrian air defenses inadvertently shot down a Russian Il-20 reconnaissance aircraft near Syria at a time when Israeli F-16 fighters were attacking targets in the country.
At that time, at least four F-16 fighters were also involved in the Israeli operation.

Russia blamed Israel for the fact that its military planes had put a Russian reconnaissance plane under attack by the Syrian air defense system, which was landing at Khmeimim airbase.
The Israeli leadership said last week that, despite the delivery of the S-300 to the Syrian armed forces, it will continue attacking targets in Syria in order to prevent the strengthening of the positions of Iran and the Lebanese Shiite movement Hezbollah in this country.



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