Russia deploys troops and S-300 missile systems to Syrian Deir ez-Zor as Iran leaves the area

After the forces of Bashar Al-Assad and his allies took control of several areas in Deir Ezzor province, Iran has attempted to strengthen its military and religious presence in the area.

However, according to the Euphrates Post which reports on the developments in the area, pro-Iranian militias withdrew from their bases in the cities of Mayadin and Abu Kamal while Russian troops have moved in these areas. Euphrates Post reports that the Russian military arrived on Saturday along with their special forces units and anti-aircraft defense systems.

The newspaper states, citing its sources, that the Russian military intended to deploy S-300 air-defense systems in the area.

Earlier, the Iranian forces withdrew from the Tiyas (T4) military airbase which was their main stronghold.

Iran has been trying to avoid Israeli air strikes on its troops by relying heavily on local militias and setting up its military headquarters along the command posts of Russian troops.

Satellite imagery of Iranian facility in the city of Baniyas showed that it was built near a battery of the Russian S-300 missile systems.

On October 2, Russian Defense Ministryannounced that Russian completed the delivery of S-300 missile systems to Syria.

Moscow decided to deliver the S-300 anti-aircraft missile to the war-stuck region after a Russian military plane was shot down in Syria. The Kremlin accused the Israeli military of provocation, which is reflected in the destruction of the Russian aircraft.

Israeli authorities expressed condolence over the death of 15 Russian soldiers and blamed the Syrian military forces for the incident. In addition, Jerusalem assured that it will continue bombing the Iranian armed forces located near the Israeli border in Syria.



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