Egypt has the second most powerful army in the Middle East – take a look inside

The Egyptian military ranks second among the Middle East’s most powerful armies, ranking 12 among the world’s most powerful armies, according to the 2018 statistics.

Egypt has a population of more than 97 million, of which 42 million are human resources available to work, while the number of military service exceeds 35 million.

The annual age of recruitment in Egypt is more than 1.5 million, while the total number of military forces is 1.3 million, including 454 thousand active forces, and the rest are in reserve forces.

The Egyptian army has 1132 warplanes, including 309 fighters, 409 attack aircraft, 183 military transport aircraft, training aircraft and 83 airports.

The number of helicopters is 269 helicopters, including 10 attack helicopters.

Egypt has about 5,000 tanks, more than 15600 armored vehicles, some 2,100 field artillery and more than 1,200 rocket launchers. The army has a striking fleet of 319 naval vessels, including two aircraft carriers, 9 frigates, 4 cruisers and six submarines. 53 patrol boats, and 23 naval minesweepers.

Egypt has an oil reserves of 4.4 billion barrels, of which 494 barrels per day, while consuming 740 thousand barrels per day, according to the latest statistics mentioned by the American site, which explained that the Egyptian commercial fleet consists of 399 vessels, and that Egypt has 7 major ports.

Egypt has a workforce of around 30 million and has roads over 65,000 kilometers long.

Egypt’s defense budget is $ 4.4 billion and Egypt’s foreign currency reserves exceed $ 34 billion, according to the latest statistics, which indicate that Egypt’s purchasing power is $ 1.199 trillion.

Egypt has a land area of over one million square kilometers, a coastline of more than 2.4 km, and common borders with other countries of more than 2.6 thousand kilometers.



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